Entry #1

Upcoming music!

2013-03-21 17:29:56 by Shade001

Hey! Shade here! For those of you who like the projects ive posted, I have good news! been working with my friend Shadowfall001 (yah his name has the same numbers i know, it is actually a different person) and we got some awesome stuff coming your way.
First, got an awesome song that is my new favorite project coming up. Its called Curveball and ive been making fairly steady progress on it. Cant wait till its done.

Second, working on a piece that's quite a stones throw away from my typical musical musings. its more of a symphonic piece. thats a long ways off though, but still in the works.

Finally, if you've gone to our youtube channel (search "Rio Symphonia" under channels), were gonna be pulling down some of the songs and renewing them with some of the the tricks we've learned over time. Shotgun 420 will be getting an overhaul, Kenya, and fatal runs are also going down for some work.

alright thats all i got.
Until next time!


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